What do you feel are your biggest challenges hiring staff in the North East region?

The biggest challenge we face as an agency is the speed at which we need to recruit. We could have a requirement for a candidate on a Monday and we’d need them to start on the Friday. That’s why we need a recruitment partner that can work to match that pace. We need to ‘put out fires’ fast! Because of the nature of the business, when we win projects, we understandably need to ramp up activity. We have our growth plan, but we never know exactly when a project will land and we need to be geared up to respond. We know if we have the right talent in place, our ability to deliver is limitless. Ronald James know where the best talent is available and those candidates are at the end of the phone.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ll face in 2020 when looking to grow and scale the business from a technology perspective?

Again, owing to the face that Mediaworks is an agency, we have clients pushing new technologies and placing the latest tech in their businesses. As an agency delivering a service, we need the right people to put these new technologies in place. The biggest challenge is keeping up with the ‘always something new’ industry. We always need in house talent with the correct skillset to deliver and remain one step ahead.

Which technologies trends are you seeing develop?

The nature of the businesses we work with, we’re mainly dealing with enterprise solutions, so front end, react native is increasingly popular. Our in house developers who are looking to upskill will be placing a big emphasis on front end solutions in the ned 12-24 months.

What advice would you give to companies looking to grow, but don’t have the ‘big’ offering/agency opportunity?

Culture is huge, we spend so much of our time at work that it’s important you get up in the morning and you want to go to work. It’s more than sitting at a desk. It’s important to accommodate modern day living and aid work/life balance whilst still maintaining our level of service. You have to do what works for you and your business.

When interviewing candidates, what’s your traditional process? How do you sell the opportunity?

Mediaworks is a very ambitious agency, it comes down to a passion for being the best. If our individuals are growing and developing then so are we and so are our clients. We want people who are ambitious, who want to push themselves and in turn push us as an agency.

Mediaworks is known for SEO, what do you think is the biggest challenge to come in the next 12 months?

We have a close relationship with Microsoft and Google, which means we understand the algorithms and when a change comes about, we know about it and we’re prepared for it. What that allows us to do is use the information to inform parts of our clients’ digital marketing strategies so they’re also prepared. We know these strategies can’t be executed via one channel only, audiences and customers will engage across multiple touchpoints, so running a mix of tactical campaigns across these touch points is the biggest challenge.

Sourcing was direct in the past, what have you found working with Ronald James?

Speed was a challenge when we were sourcing ourselves. We’ve had a lot of success with Ronald James because you know us, you’ve spent a lot of time with us and you know what we need. You’re then able to match us with the right talent and cut the recruitment process right down. In the industry we work in, everything is ‘yesterday’ and nothing is tomorrow. We need that approach to our recruitment. We need to match that speed. And that’s why working with Ronald James is money well invested.


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We are a leading niche digital & tech recruitment specialist for the North East of England. We Specialise in the acquisition of high-performing technology talent across a variety of IT sectors including Digital & Technology Software Development.

Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on every client and candidate we serve - from the initial call and introduction, right up to the final delivery, we want our clients and candidates to feel they have had a beneficial and productive experience.

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