With the holidays close in sight, you might have decided that any job searching should be put on hold until the new year is here. What if we told you that you might be missing a trick by waiting it out? December is a perfect time to grab that dream job with an upper hand. Here are five reasons why:

1. Competition? Where?

As expected, most of the nation will have hectic schedules, running around in preparation for the festive period. As the madness unfolds, people will be thinking the same as you: "I’ll just ride my job out and worry about it in the new year". However, this means a big spike for recruitment agencies and departments in january and february as the ‘new year, new me’ trend hits.

Think about that period of time in December when there will be less competition for open positions - all while companies continue to hire as usual, giving you a real chance to stand out from the crowd. While others choose to treat December as a time to ‘slack off’, why don't you use it as a time to set yourself up for a successful 2019?

2. Companies Have Extra Money in Their Budgets

Think about it: companies don’t simply decide that their need for hiring decreases in December, business must go on as usual and companies will be looking to walk into the new year with confidence in their teams. As the business year draws to a close, it’s not uncommon for companies to have underspent on budget meaning extra spending money.

This means these new positions are to be filled and hiring decisions are to be made - and they will pay the right price for it. Any excess budget isn’t shown until end of year, meaning this an excellent time for you to get your foot in the door and sell your skills to a recruiter.

3. You are the Recruiters Main Focus

Recruiters will feel the effects of the December dip, meaning that if you keep yourself as open, you’ll get full attention. More time spent reviewing CV’s, more attention to detail and time focusing on company culture fit and a much smoother process, from start to finish - all great things to benefit you as a qualified candidate.

4. Prove your Diligence

Want to be seen as the pro-active candidate described in your CV? What better way to prove it than swimming away from the crowd and actively utilizing a quiet month to go after what you really want.If you decide to be active and passionate about making the move you will develop your career and it won’t go unnoticed. Good clients are far more willing to attend after work interviews and interviews during lunch breaks as they are willing to show equal commitment to your application.

5. A Fun, Relaxed Job Transition

Most companies will actively suggest that you start after the Christmas break - so what does that mean? You can take your notice period over the holidays! Avoid the January blues with a relaxing break before starting your new adventure - the best of both worlds.

All in all, December is an exciting time to job search, with many missed opportunities for those who aren’t willing to grab them. If you worry about struggling to get back into work after the Christmas break, what better way than exciting new challenge? Now is the time.

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