We help Digital & Tech SMEs in the UK who struggle to find highly skilled developers within budget!

That's why we're leaders in what we do. That's why we can choose who we work with. Check us out and see our excellent track record delivering on our promise.

What if you had a System implemented into the core of your business that consistently enabled you to ATTRACT, CONVERT and DELIVER the type of developer you really want!


How did you get started?

After working for over 5 years at a leading IT recruitment company, I decided it was time to take the entrepreneurial leap, go it alone and take the risk. After gathering together loans and credit cards I started Ronald James on a shoe string back in 2015. My passion for delivering quality service and value to clients was one of my main drivers and I have instilled this into the Ronald James culture. I have always been an ambitious entrepreneur and decided that the North East was the best place for me to start my journey. Almost 2 years on now we have a team of 10 working for us along with a client base of over 75 across the region. My ambition is to create a truly world class business that helps SMEs get the talent they need to grow their business.

So who is Ronald James?

We're leaders in digital and tech recruitment and focus on helping SMEs in this sector who struggle to find highly skilled developers, in time and within budget.

Our promise is to deliver a passionate coder at a realistic market price, who can hit the ground running. This in turn enables you to meet every project on time, which will help you win future business. We do all of this within 21 days of the assignment.

How can we help?

After speaking with over 100 business owners in the North East digital and tech sector, we spotted 5 key problem areas they were all experiencing. One of these may resonate with you:

  •   Your business lacks passionate coders
  •   Holding onto your talented developers is becoming increasingly difficult
  •   Hiring costs are increasing
  •   You struggle to find and attract top developers
  •   You are falling behind on projects due to one or all of these above issues

We can help solve these problems

Ronald James have developed a unique 7 step inbound hiring strategy to find and attract the best passive talent into your business within 21 days by using advanced technology tools that work 24/7, meaning we are always one step ahead of the competition.

Ronald James Group can help you find a talented developer / passionate coder within your budget to stop you from falling behind on projects.
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