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Are you looking to advance your career and boost your earnings now or in the future?
Are you happy where you are now but open to considering a new opportunity in the future if it was the right fit for you?
Want to stay current in new technology trends?
Want to hear from the experts and know what’s going on with other developers and companies in the North East?
Want to know what technology is hot right now?

There’s a way you can stay tuned in to all of this, earn more for your skills and enjoy your work more. By being tapped into the market, knowing what technology is hot, what companies are hiring and if you’re earning what you’re worth is a great place to start when thinking about career advancement. By joining the Developer Advancement Club, you can have all this information 'in your back pocket' - an insurance policy for ongoing career success and advancement.


What Exactly can you expect from the DAC?


As the leading recruiting agency in the North East specialising ONLY in helping developers enhance their careers in the North East. We work with hundreds of developers helping them with career advancement and have seen it all - developers that are paid less than they’re worth, caught in the trap of not staying up on the latest technology and developers who keep advancing their career doing more exciting work year after year.

We're passionate about helping developers like you become successful and happy. The DAC arms developers with the information and techniques they can use to live an even more fulfilling career. Members can expect:
- Technical Programming Webinars (up to 3 per quarter) with guest speakers
- Industry news and content (Techincal blogs, tips and tricks and insights into new technologies and tools)
- Role-specific salary comparison specific to our region
- Job alerts tailored to you
- Competitions with hundreds of developer-specific giveaways
- Event invites and updates on what to attend in the North East
- 1-1 24/7 personal job advice from our experienced team

When you join the club you’ll get:


Ongoing access to the latest salary trends in the North East
Notifications of who’s hiring and what they are looking for as well as updates on tech start ups in the North East
Access to monthly interviews with technology and career experts and ongoing support for developers
Free special reports such as the “Developer’s Guide to Career Advancement”, blogs, webinars, events and tech insights

Get the option of occasional job alerts that you may have an interest in. We’re not your usual recruiter who will call you trying to sell you every job there is - we have your best interests at heart. We’ll only notify you if you so choose when job openings occur that match your requirements.

By becoming a DAC member, if and when you are looking to make a move, we can guarantee two to three employment offers within two weeks with a 15% salary increase since we know your worth and how to help you negotiate the highest salary. Once we provide value to you and you get to know us as a company, you may want to make us your partner in your own career advancement by helping you get that next job you’re looking for.

To get immediate DAC club membership simply click the button below and we'll be in touch to obtain more information about you before we prepare your customised career advancement experience. Within 24 hours after our introduction, you’ll begin receiving your personalised DAC experience and membership to give you immediate free access to all the benefits DAC provides. Click the I Want to Join DAC Now button to join in!

Eric Roth said:

“Our lives are defined by opportunities...even the ones we missed.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Developers Advancement Club and get access to the tools and inside information to get the latest information about salary trends, the hottest technology, available job alerts and much much more. Click the I Want to Join DAC Now button below to arrange a ten minute call with you to set up your membership and get the information we need for your personalised career advancement report.

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