"Dan was straight to the point, and I didn't feel like he was wasting my time. I had quick interviews, fast responses and actually got results."


Find out how we helped Jason to progress his career...

Were you at all hesitant about responding to Ronald James when we contacted you and if so, why?

Yes I was, I was already speaking to several recruiters, and was reluctant to repeat the same conversation I had already had with several other people.

What was your biggest frustration with your previous role?

My working environment was too relaxed, I felt like I was developing bad habits, instead of improving my skills.

What was the ideal role you were looking for?

A role in Software Development in general.

What ultimately made you decide to use RJ over all the other agencies? 

I was in contact with several recruiters at the same time, RJ found me what I was looking for.

Can you describe what the experience was like while we helped you find your job? 

I was sent 2 jobs, 2 technical challenges, 1 interview, 1 follow up, and 1 accepted job offer. Communication was very direct and to the point which I greatly appreciated, still being in full time employment. I was tired of recruiters spending too much time trying to harvest information, chatting about information already written on my CV, without first finding out whether I had any interest in the role to begin with. Dan was straight to the point, and I didn't feel like he was wasting my time, and actually got results.

What were the 3 biggest benefits or results you got from using RJ? 

Salary increase, better benefits, and the development environment I was looking for to enable future career growth.

Would you recommend our service? If yes, why?

Yes. No time wasting, quick interviews and responses, and results.


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