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Location: UK Remote Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BX
Salary: £65000 - £80000
Sector: Node.js  
Type: Permanent
Posted: 04/28/2023
Lead Developer Ronald James Group 2023-07-28

We are looking for a Developer to join a company within the healthcare sector. You will design, implement and support complex user interfaces to be used by clinicians, IT professionals, administrators and the public.

This will also involve creating or maintaining RESTful APIs using NodeJS/Express. You will work with customers to design and create modern, responsive applications and apps that are intuitive, scalable and maintainable. You should be a team player with a keen eye for detail and good problem-solving skills and experience with a React.JS.


●  Collaborate with a team of developers and designers to create web applications and components

●  Create reusable, effective, maintainable and scalable JavaScript code

●  Design the data and presentation layer of the web application’s front-end

●  Use additional JavaScript libraries such as Redux to manage the web application’s state, derive computed data from the state of the system, and make asynchronous API calls

●  Test and update web application so that it can be used on all web browsers

●  Produce design documentation including wireframes


●  At least 3 years’ experience with React.JS

●  Experience of additional frameworks (e.g. Redux for state management)

●  Proficiency with HTML, CSS and DOM manipulation

●  Proficiency with front/back end partitioning of apps and RESTful interactions

●  Experience with agile methodologies

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