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Location: London Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BX
Salary: £35000 - £40000
Sector: Back End   
Type: Permanent
Posted: 03/25/2020
Senior QA Engineer Ronald James Group 2019-11-01

Their systems are cloud native, they make extensive use of Amazon Web Services, allowing them to build better, reliable, scalable software.

Frontend is mostly single page applications, built using AngularJS and modern build processes like Gulp and Sass. They also maintain an open source library of frontend components for their customers to use.

Backend systems are mostly Java using lightweight frameworks like JAX-RS. They combine this with a range of supporting technologies including Cassandra, Solr Cloud, Hadoop and many AWS managed services.

All of this is managed and deployed by devops using technologies like Cloudformation and Puppet.  


  • Extract testable scenarios from user stories or other forms of documentation. Create new test plans with extracted scenarios, highlighting areas of coverage, risk and confidence. Feedback those metrics to stakeholders.
  • Ensure tests are executed and results recorded, allocating members of test team as needed.
  • Analysis of results of execution raising defects with documented steps to recreate and suggestions of corrective actions. Review other members of the team's findings, rejecting or improving their findings as needed.
  • Communicate blocking issues with development leads, and work on resolution of issues.
  • Plan timeline of release for stakeholders, and summarize bug allocations.
  • Liaise with stakeholders over none functional requirements, such as performance metrics and expected peak capacity.
  • Discuss with operations risk areas for integration and system impact.  
  • Keep up to date with best practice in the field around tooling and methodology.
  • Exploratory testing, gap analysis. Be the domain expert for usability and roadmap of the product.
  • Give feedback to stakeholders on potential pitfalls around design decisions.
  • Design and implement automated tests where necessary.
  • Keep up to date with new and emerging technologies and methodologies.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining tests, their correctness and coverage, as well as speed of execution and stopping duplication or unnecessary tests being added.
  • Discuss in unit tests with developers, and highlight areas of concern that should have coverage.
  • Attend and drive go-no go meetings on code pushes to live.
  • Be available for release window deployments or have a member of the team available.

What they're looking for

  • Technical background with possibly a degree in a science related field.
  • Understanding of both frontend and backend web tech.
  • Have an appreciation of API first, and how presentation layer is separated from functionality.
  • Understanding of RESTful API services.
  • Frontend testing experience with single page applications (such as AngularJS) along with more traditional server side MVC websites
  • Eye for detail, both in terms of functional and presentation
  • Strong understanding of terms such as JSON, XML, Regular Expressions
  • Able to extract client requirements from product stories to create test plans and perform GAP analysis
  • SQL / NoSQL experience for data validation
  • Jira, Redmine or other bug tracking experience
  • Ideally worked in an agile environment
  • Performance, load and saturation testing using tooling such as jMeter, Bees with Machine Guns, Loadrunner
  • AWS or other cloud based hosting technologies. 
  • Confidence to deploy code using CI to Linux servers or docker
  • Able to implement and maintain existing automated tests using cucumber for ruby
  • Experience with selenium within a Ruby environement, using Watir ideally with a page object interface
  • Able to write reusable, well defined step definations in idomatic Ruby

Benefits & Atmosphere

  • competitive salary;
  • a talented, positive, can-do team of coworkers;
  • informal work environment;
  • planned social events;
  • unlimited holidays;
  • flexible working and flexitime; and
  • knowing that you’re part of something that’s going to matter.

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