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Location: Middlesbrough Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BX
Salary: £35,000 - £40,000
Sector: .NET  
Type: Permanent
Posted: 05/28/2020
.NET Developer Ronald James Group 2018-10-18

To design and develop software to agreed deadlines. To provide documentation and support to the Software Tester and Technical Author. To provide support for any incidents that the Care Desk and Project Management teams are unable to handle with their own resources.

Key Responsibilities

  • To design, develop and support software to enhance the sales proposition for the products and services.
  • To design, develop and support software for in-house use that supports the business processes and other departments.
  • To develop Functional Specifications as required before embarking on the development of medium to large software projects.
  • Provide development estimations for work requested as required.
  • To ensure that any Care Desk or Project team escalations are dealt with in a timely and professional way. 
  • To communicate with other areas of the business to facilitate the successful release of a new version of software.
  • To learn about new software development technologies, such as Microsoft .NET 
  • To adhere to all Operating Procedures and Work Instructions in compliance to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • Any other duties as and when required.

The skills outlined below are not common to all developers but are dependant on the individual projects. However, each developer tends to additionally have either a basic or intermediate level of understanding of the areas with which they are not directly familiar.

  • Programming languages, including but not limited to: C, C++, C#, Assembler, Pascal, Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL.
  • Windows APIs for versions of Windows from Windows 95 through Windows Server 2003.
  • Application frameworks, including Microsoft Foundation Classes, Microsoft .NET, ASP and ASP.NET
  • Retail knowledge, and basic pharmacy knowledge.
  • Company policies and procedures.


Business analysis

  • The ability to analyse and define a business problem in computing terms.
  • Organisational sensitivity.
  • The effectiveness of the Software Development team directly affects the ability of other areas of the business to meet their goals. Decisions taken should reflect impact and results required by the company in total rather than purely the performance of the Development Team. 

Communication skills.

The ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels both within the business and within the customers’ business. The ability to communicate technical ideas to non-technical staff. The ability to ask open questions in order to elicit additional information that might be required in order to reproduce or resolve an issue.


All Company personnel are required to act in accordance with ISO9001 accredited procedure and practice.  Changes to them must be carried out using the proper change control procedure.

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