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Location: Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BX
Salary: £30000 - £45000
Sector: Other  
Type: Permanent
Posted: 09/30/2019
UX Researcher Ronald James Group 2019-08-30

You are an experienced researcher and can be trusted to regularly take on research projects. You are able to oversee large streams of work and require little support though you continue to work collaboratively. You play a role in planning and adapting research approaches and trialing the use of new methods. You communicate confidently about research within the company and to clients. 

Your responsibilities in this role are varied and include: delivering research, planning and adapting approaches.


  • Work on research projects, sometimes coordinating multiple activities. 
  • Provide advice and support for other research projects.    
  • Draw on knowledge to design and deliver the most appropriate research approaches, adapting methods and using new ones where appropriate.    
  • Conduct research using a range of techniques, covering behavioral, attitudinal and evaluative research methods including: usability testing, field research/shadowing, surveys, diary studies, interviews, focus groups, guerilla research, user workshops.    
  • Produce all the required supporting documentation and materials for research activities: discussion guides, schedules, consent forms, slide decks for workshops, activity sheets.
  • Work confidently within different project methodologies - GDS, Waterfall, Agile 

Required Skills

  • Confidently communicate about research findings and methods within our clien, to clients - adapting your style and language to suit their knowledge level and background. 
  • Produce well-written and structured client-facing reports that accurately summarise key findings and the relative importance of each finding, and which need little time for peer review 
  • Make strong use of various media and techniques to communicate findings in an engaging manner: video, audio, photos, illustrations, story telling. 
  • Mentor less experienced researchers and support the development of other employees in research techniques.

You May

  • Represent their own, and the company's, research expertise during early engagements with potential clients (at events, introductory meetings).
  • Support the internal sales process by giving thoughts and advice regarding bid proposals and pitches

Behaviour they expect

  • You communicate confidently and eloquently on topics to a range of audiences
  • Technical execution of research and in supporting other people in the work
  • Other members of staff can go to for advice and support on research 
  • You will work with the capability lead for research to develop and grow the capability

Where do I sit in the organisation

  • You will sit within a research capability with a research capability lead. This capability forms part of the UX team, alongside the capabilities of content, UCD and Interaction design. 
  • You will have a project manager for your specific projects and a people manager dedicated to your professional development.
  • You know this role is successful when Clients are notably impressed with the standard of the research produced and the way it has been communicated to them. They are keen to act upon the findings and to continue to employ user research in their service and product design, moving forward. 
  • Your support as a confident researcher means the research capability within the company is thriving and growing.



  • Proven experience as a user researcher or similar role across a range of projects and research methods


  • A degree in research, social studies, anthropology, social geography, HCI, psychology.
  • An MA/MPhil in the above
  • A PhD in the above

This is what the role DOESN'T do:

  • This role doesn't work in isolation on a single task in a project. 
  • This role does not exclude themselves from the wider UX team, missing the opportunity to share experiences and learnings with colleagues.
  • A User Research is not only responsible for the development of their own skill set but also the growth of research capability within the company as a whole.

Other Factors

This role will involve travel outside of the main office.


  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Pension scheme
  • Great starting salary
  • Opportunity for progression
  • Flexible Time
  • Home Working

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