Companies with recruitment marketing strategies in place are at least 30% more likely to have highly engaged employees. In addition to that, recruitment marketing strategies improve quality of hire. Sound appealing? 

Nurturing passive talent over a longer period of time is much more effective and ensures your business is front of mind when an individual is looking to make their next career move. At a time when attracting talented individuals who are ready to hit the ground running is becoming increasingly difficult, digital tactics are the key to recruitment success.

The proof is in the pudding, Ronald James clients who are currently adopting a digital marketing recruitment strategy are strengthening their employer brands, reaching an audience of over 100,000 tech and digital professionals in the North, and consistently hiring top talent and filling open positions with greater ease.


So how do you capitalise on digital tactics?

Step 1 - using digital to build employer brand, not just consumer brand

This is a common challenge we encounter when working with our clients. They often have really strong consumer brands and social following across major touch points and channels, but they struggle to gain exposure to help build their employer brand amongst the relevant ‘potential employee’ audience. That’s where we help connect valuable, employer content by promoting it to the correct audience. Businesses would benefit from focusing time on building an audience relevant to their employer brand for future recruitment success.

Step 2 - attracting passive talent with targeted content

It’s reported that up to 80% of all passive talent not actively job-seeking, would still be open to hearing about new opportunities. So it’s important for your brand to be visible amongst your target audience. Producing and promoting digital content to the right audience is crucial. Blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, webinars are all excellent ways of providing valuable, relevant and timely content to ensure your employer brand is forefront. 

Step 3 - convert passive to active with clever digital touchpoints

Producing valuable digital content is great, but really making the most of this content to generate conversions is crucial. Offering value to your passive talent in exchange for details and permission to contact is the winning formula. Webinars and events are a brilliant way to attract your relevant audience, build your brand, provide value and gain that all important permission to contact, converting the passive individual to a warm and nurtured opportunity.

This is just the tip of the digital recruitment marketing iceberg. To find out how Ronald James can support your business to build a valuable employer brand and gain exposure in your relevant target audience, drop us a call on 0191 620 0123 or email


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