Why is There a Lack of Women in the Digital Environment? 

It is recognised in today’s society that there are less women than there are men in the digital and tech environment. Nobody likes to admit why this is the case, and sadly, the topic seems to be put to one side too easily. So, here are a few honest truths behind the lack of women working in the digital environment.

Assumption of gender barriers

‘Gender barrier’ is a distasteful phrase, one which is not commonly used in present society. Despite this, we cannot dispute the fictitious divide between males and females that is prevalent within the digital and tech scene. What so many find infuriating about this trend is the falseness of the whole idea- in today's digital society, nobody supports the idea of a gender divide within tech roles. Companies welcome both men and women, and the idea of ‘gender specific careers’ has ultimately been diminished. Collectively, we appear to be trapped in an outdated society, whereby underlying assumptions of gender barriers still exist; society must get rid of this false perception that excludes females from tech, and replace it with present-day gender equality.

Lack of confidence

The fictional stigma deterring women from tech has sadly resulted in a lack of confidence amongst many females. As outdated as this is, many believe that a woman's place in the digital scene still remains non-existent, leading to some feeling unwelcome in certain digital environments. This apocryphal assumption is again one that doesn’t exist in today's society, however, still infiltrates and dilutes women's confidence.

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So, ultimately it comes down to these false assumptions that create a negative aura around women’s opportunities in the tech sector. It's clear that society has already taken action to combat these assumptions and there are in fact opportunities for both men and women- just waiting to be taken.

Thanks to Scarlett Reeves for being our guest writer this week.

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