It's always great for us to hear a first hand account of what it's like to work for one of our clients. Read about Phil Munro's experience working at Gluck and joining as one of the first employees based from their Newcastle office...

Back in October 2018 when Chris and myself started with Glück, we knew we were joining as the first two employees of the then new, Newcastle office; the start of a new hub for the company which already had offices in London, Bilbao and Berlin. Neither of had previously heard of Glück and we were both a little anxious about joining as the only people in the new office, but it was quickly apparent that it was a unique opportunity, with a different company.

Glück is a different company...

The company motto is “No Bosses”
The founders of the company setup the company to be different, but so does everyone right? After successful careers in delivering IT projects for central Government, banking and the BBC, they knew what worked and what didn’t, but also disliked the way that most companies ran IT projects/teams. It would be silly to say they went into business to save the world from bad software companies (of course, they want to make a comfortable living off it too), but they recognise that the best way to deliver is to trust the team, and make it an enjoyable place to work.

Nobody is micromanaged here, but given the responsibility and trust to do their job. There’s no pressure or expectation to work late or over weekends, and everyone is encouraged to switch off after a days work.

The Perks:

No ping-pong tables or cringeworthy props supposed to attract new staff - just work when you want, where you want.

You can also make purchases up to £1,000 and put it on the company Amazon account - no tiresome purchase approval process.

Plus, the usual that all companies list as their perks; Childcare vouchers, cycle-to-work scheme, pension scheme.


Currently, the main technology we use is Javascript and Typescript for client side games, Node for server-side, and we use Jenkins for our CI/CD pipeline. For testing, we use Mocha and RSpec  for our test suite.

What’s so great about it?

A flat structure, which means when projects come in, you can choose what to work on, and what technology to choose. A flat structure also means there’s no politics of who can suggest improvements, ideas for new games, or voice their opinions - and this creates an informal environment where people feel able to say what they think. The team is built up of people who want to constantly improve themselves and the company, and supportive of each other in achieving this.
From a development side, all code is merged to the master branch through Pull Requests, which means it will wait in the list until the CI build is successful, and another developer has reviewed and merged it. This means that all code is everyones responsibility, and the emphasis is on quality rather than speed, or ridiculous deadlines. It also means that everyone is able to critique another persons work, or learn something new from it.

The Job So Far

Time has flown since we started, and recruitment across all locations has grown the Newcastle office to a team of 6 (developers, designers and dev ops) and we’re still growing.  We’re a friendly bunch at Glück and since joining the company I love coming to work every day, and I think I won’t be the only one here who regards it as the best place that they’ve worked.


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