As you're aware recruitment agencies have been around since the beginning of time... okay maybe that's a little drastic, but you get my drift?

As a client or candidate reading this you have no doubt been burnt in the past by old school recruiters who focus on quantity over quality to simply hit a target and don't take into account the candidates they deal with..... THIS REALLY SUCKS?!

However, this should not be a blocker from working with forward-thinking companies that focus on quality candidates, meaningful conversations and ultimately value long term candidate/client relationships. I'm a firm believer that "you have to experience the bad, to know what's good".



There are a number of ways working with an agency can help you secure top talent, here are a few key points:

  • Working with an agency gives you extended reach to candidates outside of your network and you ultimately have access to their current talent pool.

  • Agencies have passive candidates on their books that companies would struggle to reach independently without an agency.

  • Using an agency saves time, this can be anything from booking interviews to sourcing candidates (which is arguably the most time-consuming part of the process).

  • As a client, recruitment may be a small part of your job (company size dependent). Recruiters do this 100% of their day and outsourcing the work can save you from the endless stress of reaching out to candidates.

Having a trusted agency on board allows you to tap into their expertise regardless if this is candidate demands, market conditions, salary ranges etc. A good consultant will always be able to add value to their clients.


Candidate Side 

Now you're probably wondering..... Okay, but why would a candidate use an agency when they can apply directly? 

This is a valid question that deserves some thought and insight as it highlights again the need to use agencies to reach candidates. A lot of candidates actually prefer to use an agency due to the following reasons:

  • They realise that recruiters have a large network of clients and it's easier to have conversations with a recruiter than to scroll through job boards and send countless applications that ultimately lead nowhere.

  • They appreciate the advice that we can give regarding current market conditions and their salary expectations, it's extremely alarming to see how many candidates are not currently paid what they're worth.

  • They leverage a recruiter to do the work for them as they're busy at work and find applying for jobs manually too be time-consuming.

  • Recruiters prepare their candidates for interviews and give them hints/tips where possible which help candidates navigate what can sometimes be tricky and tough interview processes.

Our Blogger 

Thank you so much to one of our own team, Ryan Clement, for his insight into the industry! Drop him a call on 07711128611 or email Ryan directly at ryan.clement@ronaldjamesgroup.com to find out how Ronald James can support your recruitment efforts.

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Ronald James is a leading Tech recruitment agency within the North East of England, due to our reputation and professionalism we have grown our client base throughout the UK. Clients typically come to us when they are looking for a specialist agency that can bring them value on every step of the recruitment process and are ultimately focused on quality rather than quantity. You can see more of the roles we hire for on our jobs page.

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