"I would recommend. They're completely there to help you and it only takes a few phone calls."


Adam is a front-end Web Developer at Opia, with 2 years experience with HTML5 and Javascript. He started out as a Trainee Games Developer with Tombola before moving to Leighton as a Junior Web Developer.

How Ronald James helped Adam find his new dream role

What type of role did he want?

The entry level position I currently worked at but with the support and teaching to help me grow.

Were you at all hesitant to responding to Ronald James when we approached you?

"I was already aware of the work Ronald James was doing previous to their contact, as I had been referred to them by a friend who had a great success working with them. When they ended up contacting me just a while later, it just sped up the process and I was happy to get working with them ASAP."

What ultimately made you decide to use Ronald James over all the other agencies that approached you?

"The sheer speed at which contact was returned, and the list of positions and interviews put forth to me simply didn't give me time to look elsewhere. Looking back at it now, I actually only worked with RJ for 14 days."

Can you describe what your experience was like with Ronald James?

"After sending my initial CV and a quick chat over the phone about my previous work and what I'm looking for, along with the basics like tracen and salary, the options came almost instantly. Over the course of about a week we had about 10 phone calls each to discuss a possible position. 2 with further submissions and a few tests, and the following week 2 interviews. We talked about so many positions that fit my needs and I felt as if I was actually able to be quite picky."

What was the benefit you got from using Ronald James to help you find your new job?

"The ultimate bottom line is that I love my new role. I enjoy the work and the social environment, I am focused and extremely supported. I believe I can continue on and grow my skills."

Would you recommend our service to other Developers in the North East?

"Absolutely I would recommend anyone looking for work or just looking for a new position to work with Ronald James. They're completely there to help you and it only takes a few phone calls."


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