The professional and quick manner to get me an interview based upon my CV and to then be offered the role all within a few days. There was no messing about.


Chris is a Technical Design Lead at Leighton, with over 15 years’ experience with PHP, Java  and JavaScript. He started out as a Programmer before moving to the NHS Business Services Authority as a SDL Technical Specialist.

How Ronald James helped Chris find his new dream role

What type of role did he want?

"A technical team lead type role."

Were you at all hesitant to responding to Ronald James when we approached you?

"No not at all. I was in the market for a new job anyway and Dan was easy to talk to about possible new roles."

What ultimately made you decide to use Ronald James over all the other agencies that approached you?

"A very professional and quick service that provided me with an interview based upon my CV, followed my a job offering within a few days. There was no messing about."

Can you describe what your experience was like with Ronald James?

"Dan understood what I was looking for and matched me to a potential position. He got me through the door to the interview and was then offered the role the same day."

What was the benefit you got from using Ronald James to help you find your new job?

"Speed from first contact to job offer, increased salary and a good work-life balance match.”

Would you recommend our service to other Developers in the North East?

"Yes, I felt Dan understood my needs, responded to my questions and got me the role I was looking for. There was no messing about and the process just worked."


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