I felt as though Ronald James was working with me and the roles, rather than me being a number for hiring managers.


Connor has been a Digital Marketing Consultant at Visualsoft with over 3 years experience with Digital Marketing. He started out as an Assistant Commissioner before moving to Calm Digital as a Project Assistant.

How Ronald James helped Connor find his new dream role

What type of role did he want?

"Something within marketing broadly, but I hadn't fixed on one particular type of role."

Were you at all hesitant to responding to Ronald James when we approached you?

"No, I believe I'd set myself to available to be approached on Linkedin Linkedin and had a couple of agencies contact me prior to this."

What ultimately made you decide to use Ronald James over all the other agencies that approached you?

"Isabella was fantastic from start to finish and took the time to get to know me and my strengths."

Can you describe what your experience was like with Ronald James?

"In the last 4 months I was put forward for 3 different roles, and offered 3 interviews. Isabella was always prompt with feedback and understood which roles would fit me."

What was the benefit you got from using Ronald James to help you find your new job?

"Salary increase, better company with more prospects."

Would you recommend our service to other Developers in the North East?

"Yes, again Isabella would be the main reason for this, a consultative approach made me feel like she was working with me and the roles rather than me being a number that she was throwing at hiring managers."


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