I had been at my last company for over 4 years and was looking somewhere that has the opportunity for progression long term..


Sohail worked in sales and offered technical support until he started his career in software engineering. He is now a Senior Software Developer at Carbon DMP.

How Ronald James helped Sohail find his new dream role

What type of role did he want?

"Senior/Lead Developer."

Were you at all hesitant to responding to Ronald James when we approached you?

"I was not hesitant. I responded to a job ad through LinkedIn and had no reason to be hesitant about Ronald James as a recruitment company."

What ultimately made you decide to use Ronald James over all the other agencies that approached you?

"The role that was on offer was advertised through RJ and matched what I was looking for."

Can you describe what your experience was like with Ronald James?

"I applied to one job, interviewed for it and shortly after got good feedback from Dan and was offered the job."

What was the benefit you got from using Ronald James to help you find your new job?

"A salary increase and a role that offers some flexibility such as working from home, 4 day working week and perks such as stocked drinks fridge/pool table etc."

Would you recommend our service to other Developers in the North East?

"Yes, overall the experience was very good and I received a job offer in a short space of time."


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