Genuine and only suggested roles that matched what I was looking for, they have linked to some really interesting companies.


Kate is a Senior Software Developer at Datatrial with over 6 years experience with .NET and C#. She started out as a Year in Industry Student with Waterstons in Newcastle upon Tyne.

How Ronald James helped Kate find her new dream role

What type of role did she want?

"Software Developer"

Were you at all hesitant to responding to Ronald James when we approached you?

"Yes, because interacting with other recruiters in the past had been pushy and not productive."

What ultimately made you decide to use Ronald James over all the other agencies that approached you?

"They provided only product-based roles when that was what I had asked for, rather than pushing me to apply for every role that I was a plausible candidate for."

Can you describe what your experience was like with Ronald James?

"An initial phone call to discuss what I was looking for, followed by an interview first for the job that seemed like the best match. Although there were other potential jobs that could have matched me, I ended up only doing one interview because the job seemed perfect and I got an offer the next day!."

What was the benefit you got from using Ronald James to help you find your new job?

"I got a considerable salary increase and role more in line with the experience I needed."

Would you recommend our service to other Developers in the North East?

"Yes, because you seemed genuine and only suggested roles that matched what I was looking for, they have linked to some really interesting companies."


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