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Location: Durham Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BX
Salary: £40,000 - £50,000
Sector: Front End   Java   JavaScript  
Type: Permanent
Posted: 07/02/2019
Lead Website Developer Ronald James Group 2018-11-24

Our Lead Website Developer is responsible for the development of Atom’s website experiences, ensuring all development work is undertaken in line with our technology standards, following standard methodologies in terms of code development, management and deployment. This role also oversees the day to day management of an additional Website Developer to ensure effective execution of responsibilities. 

You will take full advantage of their skills to create compelling mobile-first digital interfaces for our target, customer and broker audiences, handling all technical development and changes to our websites. Working with design and marketing colleagues, you will be accountable for the delivery of a best-in-class customer experience that brings to life the Atom brand and that is aligned with our strategy to digitise and disrupt.

Collaboratively working with internal and external development, design and marketing teams, you will provide technical expertise and guidance, promoting and reinforcing coding and execution standards to meet accessibility and accepted technical standards. You will work with Atom’s technical teams to ensure our websites have a robust infrastructure and are fully supported 24/7. Where necessary, Atom’s coding assets and patterns will be fully documented to ensure smooth running of the website and consistent execution of Atom’s visual identity.

Specifically, you will be responsible for the front-end development of the Atom website, supporting ongoing enhancements and ensuring the site reflects Atom’s high digital standards. You will work alongside the Marketing Team to ensure optimised website performance and enhance website functionality.

You will be on standby to ensure any website issues needing front-end development support can be resolved quickly, working alongside the Service Delivery and website teams.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

  • Develop and build responsive digital experiences with a mobile-first approach, with specific responsibility for the on-going development of our Atom websites.
  • Create accessible digital elements, assets and visual treatments that adapt to, influence and complement Atom’s user journeys.
  • Assess the performance and effectiveness of our website code - iterate and improve as appropriate.
  • Create and manage website coding standards and patterns, aligned with our wider technology team standards, ensuring consistency, rapidity and security of application.
  • Coach and manage the day to day deliveries of an additional Website Developer, ensuring keyman risk related to our front-end developer skills is adequately covered.
  • Ensure quick and effective resolution of website issues where front-end development work is required to fix the issue, minimising website service disruption. As required, be on stand-by (out of office hours) to resolve website front-end issues.
  • Work in an agile way across development, design and marketing teams to optimise and enhance website performance.
  • Be an advocate of the brand by ensuring all creative broadcast is of the highest quality of Atom’s visual standards. Be an ambassador for Design Excellence.
  • Contribute and adhere to visual style guides to ensure consistent delivery across platforms.
  • Keep up to date with external trends, competitor and wider brand design work, delivering a clear point of view on best-in-class design and current trends. Actively demonstrate this expertise in the work produced and invest in keeping design skills up to date.
  • Take responsibility for personal development, recognising when you need to develop your skill-set and request training accordingly.
  • Oversee all website developer outputs, ensuring quality, effective workflow management and approvals. Take personal responsibility for identifying and managing the risks associated with the role.

Key Performance Indicator:

  • Customer NPS scores.
  • Customer feedback on our website experience and customer journeys and overall performance through Siteimprove.
  • Volume of expressions of dissatisfaction/complaints directly related to website design.
  • Positive affirmation from the rest of the business and frontline customer facing team feedback.
  • ‘open’ and ‘repeat’ risk events related to the technical delivery of our website.
  • Award winning website accolades. 

Essential Capabilities/Experience:

  • At least 5 years of professional experience and a body of work to evidence this.
  • A wide understanding and practitioner of industry good practice for web development.
  • Experienced grasp of: ES2015/2016/2017 JavaScript, React, Gatsby (or other static-site generators), Styled-components (or any other CSS-in-JS capabilities), GraphQL, Apollo, HTML 5
  • Detail oriented yet efficient – ability to prioritise effectively, working accurately and quickly.
  • Good communication skills to enable discussion of concepts with developers, designers and SMEs.
  • Experience of working collaboratively in cross-discipline design teams with exposure to designing customer journeys and a strong appreciation of UX and developer disciplines.
  • Evidence of strong conceptual thinking and understanding of best-in-class design, adopting new technologies and creative thinking.
  • Give and take constructive feedback to/from other designers and developers to continually raise standards.
  • Passion and drive.
  • Dedicated approach to personal development and keeping up to date with design standard methodology.

Desired Capabilities/Experience

  • Understanding data handling with either GraphQL or RESTful APIs
  • Using third-party technologies to benefit a project such as Netlify, Algolia, Contentful etc.
  • Solid grasp of Sketch and Adobe design suite applications
  • An understanding of automated tests such as Jest are beneficial
  • Contributor to Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket
  • Experience of people management.

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